Egmont Key Exploration 

Go back in time to 1858. Immerse yourself in rich history when the island served as a camp for captured Seminoles at the end of the Third Seminole War and was later occupied by the Union Navy during the Civil War during the 19th century. In 1898, the Spanish-American War threatened, Fort Dade was built on the island and remained active until 1923.

Accessible only by boat, we will show you the unique natural and cultural history, including a lighthouse that has stood since 1858.

In addition to touring the historic sites and trails, our guests can enjoy swimming, wildlife viewing and picnicking. Egmont Key is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, southwest of Fort DeSoto Beach. Although this park is primarily a wildlife refuge, it can be a personal refuge - a place to relax and collect shells along secluded, pristine beaches.

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